5 Steps to Take When Your Audience Stops Sharing Your Posts

Creating amazing content on your website is the surest way to incentivize your audience to share your content. But what happens when they stop doing it or what if they never did? What do you do to turn things around?

Most of us aren’t simply creating business content for fun. We have a reason for doing so. Maybe it’s:

  • Wanting to rank higher in organic search
  • Improving word of mouth marketing
  • Becoming an industry expert or thought leader
  • Increasing your reach
  • Entering a new market

Whatever your ...

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7 Business Time Wasters You Need to Ditch Today!

Photo Credit:  rabedirkwennigsen


Do you feel stretched to the limit? Do the hours in your day fly by only to find out you have more on your to-do list than you do minutes left in the day? Then it’s time that you start looking at your schedule and figuring out where the hours are going.

Are you guilty of these business time wasters? If you are, you’re about to get some of your day back.

Posting to Social Media on Occasion

If you’re ...

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Is Content Marketing Worth the Time?

Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

According to a recent survey from Manifest, an online business guide, 53% of businesses are using content marketing as part of their marketing strategy. But is it worth the time investment?

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is creating content your ideal customer is interested in, in a medium they enjoy, that will inspire, educate, or entertain. The goal of content marketing is to become a resource for your target demographic in order to help them know, ...

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5 Critical Pieces to Managing Customer Expectations

Most customer service problems arise from scrambled expectations. The customer expected one thing and it wasn’t delivered upon. It’s possible the business never promised it, but the customer expected it, and so they feel disappointed.

This expectation could involve quality, timeline, courtesy, or a variety of other things. But the biggest problems for businesses stem from disjointed expectations.

This is actually good news because it’s something you can work on.

Managing customer expectations is one of the most valuable skills you can cultivate. ...

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20 Inexpensive Ways to Surprise and Delight Your Customers

There’s a lot of noise out there right now. It’s hard for a business to break through.

But let’s say you do and someone is trying you out for the first time. How can you not only exceed their expectations but delight them in a way they’ll be talking about you later. Here are a few ideas on how you can make a big impression:

Making a big impression on a new customer means doing something that stands out, something they haven’t ...

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Cheapest Ways to Advertise (and still get good results)

Your business will never bring in enough revenue if people don’t know about you. Most businesses don’t fail because their service or product is inferior to everything else on the market. They fail because no one knows about them or they don’t differentiate themselves from the competition.

But it doesn’t matter how good your offerings are or how loved they could be. If people don’t know about them, your business will never succeed.

Enter advertising.

Some businesses think that social media has replaced ...

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Get More Business Blog Comments with These Easy Tips

If you’re struggling to get business blog comments and interaction on your site, know that it is possible but it takes some effort. One of the reasons for that is that reading, for many people, is a passive activity. Unless you evoke a strong emotion or ask a question the reader has given a lot of thought to (or wants very desperately to be heard), most blog visitors simply X out before adding their ideas.

But blog comments are important because ...

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