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Monroe County Hospital FAQ’s


  • Hospital was established in 1957. It has been seeing patients 24/7 for almost 60 years.
  • Monroe County Hospital is a 25 bed critical access hospital with a 24 hour emergency room
  • The hospital currently sees approximately 7500 patients annually in the emergency room
  • Georgia Hospital Association(GHA) estimates hospital’s economic impact in Monroe County to be $24 Million dollars annually
  • Hospital employs 121 people
  • GHA estimates Monroe County Hospital impacts an additional 342 jobs in our local economy.
  • All Schools are located within 10 miles of the hospital
  • 276 Nursing home beds and 100 assisted living beds depend on the hospital

If Referendum does not pass

  • Monroe County Hospital will completely close
  • There will be no access to emergency care in our county
  • 121 people will lose their jobs and another 342 jobs will be affected
  • The county will be limited as to what types of industry would come here
  • The local economy will be burdened with the loss of a significant industry
  • Access to healthcare will be limited to non-emergency care and an ambulance service
  • Added cost to taxpayers for transporting all EMS patients to surrounding hospitals (Estimated $500,000 annually)
  • Possible reduction in real estate values, demand for housing, and quality of life

If Referendum does pass

  • Monroe County Hospital will remain open under a new strategy
  • Hospital will be reduced in size from 25 beds to less than 10 beds with an Emergency Room remaining
  • Expenses will be reduced by this size reduction
  • A portion of the money will be used to revitalize and redesign the Emergency Room and remaining beds to make us more efficient and appealing to the public
  • The Hospital pledges to immediately begin the process of improving our service and quality to increase the value to our community. Making the hospital a place all citizens are confident in and proud it’s a part of our community
  • All of this will be done with the support and oversight of Navicent Health
  • Monroe County Hospital will try to identify other sources of revenue by working with Navicent to increase the availability of outpatient services in Monroe County. An example would be an outpatient surgery center.
  • Monroe County Hospital will work to bring in a long-term tenant to lease the space on its campus no longer being used by the hospital. This will add another source of revenue.



Why can’t we use SPLOST money to support the hospital so everyone in our community can help support the hospital?

  • SPLOST money cannot be used for operational support. It can only be used for capital improvement and possibly debt service.

Why vote to increase my taxes if the hospital is going to stay like it is and continue to lose money?

  • Monroe County Hospital is restructuring to reduce its size, improving its design and appearance, and increasing quality and service. This will reduce overhead costs, revitalize and redesign the emergency room, and improve our quality and service to add value for our community.
  • By doing these things the hospital will have the best chance to survive.

What happens to the tax increase if the Hospital shuts down anyway?

  • If the Hospital Authority is dissolved then the tax would go away as it is directly allocated to the Authority to provide healthcare.

Why can’t the hospital be self-contained and manage its own operating cost without the help from tax payers?

  • The Affordable Care Act (ACA) and other government regulations have impacted the way that facilities are reimbursed for care. There are bundle payments that are made to facilities based on disease process of individuals. With these limitations in place, small critical access hospitals are not being reimbursed for the indigent care that they once were. Hospital ER’s cannot turn away an individual in a true emergency because of their inability to pay. Without outside supplemental income, critical access hospitals all over the state are being forced to close.
  • Monroe County Hospital provides millions of dollars of uncompensated care that are not reimbursed. Monroe County Hospital provided over $3 million dollars of uncompensated care in 2016.

Is the hospital the only service provided by the county dependent on funding from taxpayers?

  • Other services that depend on funding from taxpayers include, but are not limited to: Fire Department, County Sheriff department, EMS, health department, recreation department, etc.

How much is 1mil of taxes?

  • Appx. $1.2M or about $42.00 on a $100K home
  • Keep in mind that the hospital may not need the entire amount every year. Expenses are being decreased and we will focus on increasing our revenues.

How much does the hospital currently receive in taxpayer subsidy?

  • Appx $300K or 0.25mil

So how much more will a taxpayer pay for their family, friends, and neighbors to have access to the ER and hospital?

  • About $30 more per year on a $100K home.