10 Stats That Prove Why Your Business Should Be on Instagram

First, a moment of honesty so you don’t think I’m just pushing my favorite site.

I don’t like Instagram. I think in words, not pictures.

Alas, I am not your customer.

Your customer (statistically speaking) likes images and video. While that’s reason alone you should be on the popular site, if you’re still in denial, here are ten stats that will help you understand it’s one of the most important things you can be doing for your marketing and your business’ growth.

10 Instagram ...

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20 Gifts to Give Yourself and Your Business in 2018

We made it past the holidays and onto a brand-new year. Hard to believe the calendar when you see 2018 staring back at you.

Didn’t we just start a new century yesterday?

Most of us have spent a few weeks looking for the perfect gifts for loved ones, employees, clients, pets, teachers, and a host of others. It’s time you shift that generosity to yourself and your business with these gifts you should be giving.


Gifts to Give Yourself and Your Business in ...

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Community Award Nominations!!

It’s that time of year!! We are accepting nominations for our 2017 Community Awards!

Do you know an outstanding citizen that has touched your heart or the hearts of others???

Do you know that one person who always greets you with a smile and eager to assist??

What about that business that totally made over its location??

If you can answer YES to any of these, please take a moment and nominate that person or business!

More information, nomination forms and criteria can be found ...

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2017 Hometown Holidays Float Winners!

Thank you to all who came out to the 28th Annual Hometown Holidays Parade this year,  sponsored by Hamlin Hills

We want to thank ALL of the participants who so tirelessly worked on their AMAZING floats!  The Judges had a difficult task. Below are this year’s winners.

Best In Show

1st Place – Head Heating & Air

2nd Place – Davis Plumbing

3rd Place – Primary Pediatrics

Best Use of Lights

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Is It Time to Embrace Emojis in Your Business Marketing?

Emojis are wildly popular on social media and personal correspondence but should they be used in business emails and posts? The answer might surprise you.


Emojis are mini depictions of emotional responses, everything from smiley faces to high fives. 92% of online consumers admit to using them in some capacity, while 30% of Millennials admit not being able to go a day without them. Why the need for them? They communicate an emotion quickly, especially helpful in social media where ...

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Tips for Having the Best Business Year Ever

Photo by Sebastian Voortman from Pexels https://www.pexels.com/photo/girl-jumping-on-the-bridge-wearing-black-jacket-214573/


Before you dismiss this as just another end of year article on goal achievement, wait. Haven’t you been putting off your goals long enough? Haven’t you allowed “life” to just happen to your business? Meandering is fine for a walk in the park but if you have your eye set on definitive growth for your business, you need to adjust your focus and hold you and your business accountable. Here are some ideas on ...

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5 Surprising Things Your Employees Want

You’ve probably read all the articles that tell you employees want more money, more praise, and more opportunity. And these things are true but there are other things they wish they had too. These are things they probably haven’t told you and maybe haven’t even figured them out themselves.


Natural Light

Office buildings can be dingy, and most businesses operate solely under artificial lighting. During the late fall and early winter, employees hardly see the light of day. While depriving people of ...

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From Mortgage Caps To Tax Brackets, How The House Tax Bill Could Impact Your Taxes

.An American flag flies at the U.S. Capitol before sunrise in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Friday, Oct. 20, 2017. Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg



Special Thanks goes to Kelly Phillips Erb, writer for Forbes, for producing this informative article.

(Author’s note: Updated after official release of the bill, link at the bottom.)

House Republican leaders have released their tax bill, called the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Here’s how the new House tax bill, as currently proposed, is expected to impact your taxes:


What happens ...

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The Heart of a Business Leader!

Many years ago I was given the book “Heart of a Leader.”  It’s a very small book, the kind of thing you can read quickly. I have used that book for the past 17 years, and as small as it is, I learn something every time I open it.  It’s a very good book for business owners and I wanted to share some things I’ve learned from the book. Each of the following quotes was taken from it.

“When ...

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“Don’t Take It Personally” Is Terrible Work Advice!

I was recently working with a leader who had just lost a much-valued employee to a competitor. He had invested a large amount of time in mentoring and training the person and had high hopes and expectations for his career. The employee was someone clearly identified as “top talent” within the company — and what’s more, the resignation came as a complete surprise. The team leader was feeling let down and annoyed.

“I guess the conclusion I have ...

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