Santa Claus
No life-like or live Santa’s will be permitted – there is one Santa and he is at the end of the parade.

There will be ABSOLUTELY NO THROWING OF CANDY. Candy may be distributed only by hand to hand transfer.

All floats competing in the float competition must display lights in some fashion other than vehicle headlights. Christmas lights keep the spirit of our nighttime parade alive and attracting viewers.

Fire Extinguishers
All floats with a generator must be equipped with at least one, four-pound dry chemical or one, ten-pound carbon dioxide fire extinguisher placed within easy reach of the float’s driver.

Safety Meetings
All drivers and a representative for your kids drop off area must attend one parade safety meeting. Meetings will be held in the Monroe County Recreation Department Gym (100 Dan Pitts Drive, Forsyth). There is one session on November 28th at 6pm, one session on December 5th at 10am, and one session on December 5th at 6pm. Each representative may choose which meeting is most convenient for them.

All children must be attended by an adult at all times. Those floats that include children must have an adult supervisor at all times. An adult must be on hand at the line-up site to escort children from the drop-off area to the float. At the end of the parade, an adult must accompany any child exiting the float in the drop-off area while waiting to be picked up by guardians.

All animals must be bagged or diapered to prevent droppings. Horses in the parade should be four abreast, and kept under control at all times. NO rearing or tricks at any time.

Parade Route
The parade route will begin on Tift College Drive, circle the Courthouse, and continue down Main Street before ending just after Tractor Supply Co. All participants will be provided will detailed instructions regarding line-up and end procedures after each application submission.

Float Line Up
All floats and vehicles must be in line by no later than 6pm. Line up will begin at 5pm. No vehicle will be allowed to line up before 5pm. Judges will take a walk around to begin preliminary judging at 6:20pm. Floats will also be judged in front of City Hall during the parade.

Float Competition Guidelines

  1. All floats must be fully decorated before entering the parade line up. No decorating will be allowed in the street line up.
  2. Decorations on floats, vehicles, and participants should reflect the theme of the parade.
  3. Lights are required on all floats. Vehicle headlights do not qualify as use of lights. Christmas lights are strongly encouraged.
  4. Music is permissible, however, must apply to the theme or holiday. Unrelated secular music is not allowed.
  5. Performing groups are limited to one routine lasting no longer than one minute to be performed in front of the judges at City Hall.
  6. Emergency vehicles participating in the parade are encouraged to use light but please, NO SIRENS.
  7. No throwing candy. Any participant throwing candy or other items will be disqualified from the parade and not allowed to participate in future parades.
  8. Once the parade begins, riders on floats must ride through the entire route and walkers must remain walking. There will be no climbing on and off of floats or vehicles during the parade.
  9. Drivers are to exercise extreme caution in the parade line-up area and along the parade route due to increased volume of traffic and people, especially children. Always follow the directions of police/sheriff’s officers and parade officials.
  10. Any entry with an inappropriate display or participant demonstrating inappropriate behavior will be removed.

Dismantling Floats
After the parade is finished, DO NOT bring your float into the Board of Education parking lot to dismantle as it is under construction. Violation of this provision could result in exclusion from participation in future parades. You are solely responsible for your trash. It is your responsibility to dispose of any floats pieces/decorations. Before parade night, have a site selected to locate to in case your float need immediate dismantling.

Judges will choose the float competition winners based on originality, workmanship, presentation of theme, and since this is a nighttime parade, use of lights. Professional or rented floats are welcome but will not be included in the judging. Entries will be judged in the line-up area and during the parade. Barring unforeseen circumstances, winners will be announced the next day.

For more information, please contact Nadia Graveran at the Forsyth-Monroe Co. Chamber of Commerce by phone at (478) 994-9239 or by email at