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As a leader, you put your best foot forward but sometimes every ounce of effort that you give just falls short. You may have given the right direction to your employees, tried your hardest to be available to anyone who needed a piece of you throughout the day, sometimes even give a little too much only for the reward to fall short as well. Maybe the issue is not about how much you give but about what question you aren’t asking. According to Simon Sinek you need to be asking “WHY?” in order to truly tap into your full potential as a leader and inspirationalist! 

Follow Simon through this 18 minute Ted Talk journey to discovering how great leaders inspire action and learn not what you should be doing but what you COULD be doing to ensure that the road you are leading your team down is one paved with inspiration, trust and change.

Simon Sinek is the author of the classic “Start With Why”; his latest book is “Leaders Eat Last.”