• Hometown Holidays Parade

  • Once upon a time, more specifically 1990, the Chamber's Retail Affairs Committee sat around a conference room brainstorming ideas on how to bring out the community to enjoy the festive lights and decorations of the downtown square.

    "Ah-ha! said one, what about a night-time parade? A beautiful activity filled with twinkling lights, community, and local businesses!"

    "We will call it 'Hometown Holidays Parade' to represent the holidays as a whole; Thanksgiving through New Year"

    "And Santa and Mrs. Claus will be there too!" 

    The parade begins at 7 pm! 

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  • And so formed the Hometown Holidays Parade....our beloved night-time Christmas parade. Children and grown-ups alike, line the streets of Forsyth on the Thursday after Thanksgiving to watch the floats as they pass by. The Mary Persons High School Band, fire trucks and cheerleaders are just a few of the anticipated sights, as well as the arrival of Santa and Mrs. Claus. Each year the parade committee comes up with a new theme for the crowd to enjoy. Churches and civic groups, large business owners and small, all join together to bring the magic of Christmas to our community. With twinkling lights, music, and Christmas in the air, this holiday experience reminds us how blessed we are to live in Monroe County.


  • 2020 Top Twenty Southeast Tourism Society Winner