• 2023 Leadership Monroe Application

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    Educational Background
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    If selected as a Leadership Monroe participant, I understand that I am committing myself to involvement in the community upon graduation from the program. My name and contact information will be published in Chamber materials for distribution to community organizations. Additionally, my name will be given to community service organizations that are seeking volunteers.
    The time commitment to Leadership Monroe is nine months. The program begins with an initial Meet & Greet in September and includes a Class Retreat, 7 monthly meetings, and concludes with a Graduation Dinner. ATTENDANCE AT ALL SESSIONS IS REQUIRED. Additionally, attendance of a County Commission, City Council, Board of Education meeting and Chamber event is required as well as participating in a community project. You are allowed to miss one session without consequence. If 2 classes are missed, you are ineligible for graduation until one of these is repeated during the following year's class. If more than 2 classes are missed, you are ineligible to graduate and must repeat the entire year (including repaying tuition) in order to be considered a graduate of the program.
    I have full support of my employer for the time required to participate.
    Letter of Recommendation
    A letter of recommendation is required from your employer. If you are self-employed, a letter will be accepted from a local business colleague or previous graduate of the Leadership Monroe program. The letter should explain how your background and experience would contribute to the leadership class and why you should be considered for the 2023 Leadership Monroe Program.
    Please upload a recent photograph of yourself. If selected for the upcoming class, this will be utilized in marketing material for the program and possibly placed on the website for announcement of the Class.
    Community Project
    In addition to the sessions, you will be asked to commit your time to a community project. The amount of time you will need to devote to the development of the project will be determined by the consensus of the group. Participation in any group meetings is expected.
    Leadership Monroe tuition is $750.00. Chamber members receive a $150.00 discount. Tuition covers all program costs for each of the sessions, Opening Retreat, and Graduation Dinner. Tuition is non-refundable once the program begins. Please indicate your payment arrangements.
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